HOA Meeting January 23 @ 6:30 PM

All West Harbour Homeowners are invited to attend an HOA meeting at the Hinkle Creek Elementary cafeteria to review WHPOA's 2018 operating budget. The amount of the 2018 Assessment will be announced at that time and in advance of Ardsley's mailing of the annual Assessment letters in early February.


WEST HARBOUR PROPERTY OWNERS’ ASSOCIATION 2017 ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting of the West Harbour Property Owners Association took place at 6:35 PM on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at Hinkle Creek Elementary School. IN ATTENDANCE President    Greg Powell Treasurer   Carrie Rayls Secretary   Christine Earley Commons Director  Katie Clark Property Mgt.   Kevin Schwarz, Ardsley Mgt. Homeowners:   Lawrence Hess, Harry Early Board Member Jan Helms was unable to attend. MATTERS BEFORE THE ASSOCIATION Christine Earley was welcomed as the new Secretary of the Association. The BOD is seeking residents interested in volunteering a few hours each month for the open Board position, and as Commons Director and Webmaster. There has been interest from a few residents interested in serving on the Board to fill out the rest of Bob Billingham’s term. There are also residents who expressed interest in the Commons Director and Webmaster positions. The idea of a Commons Co-Director was raised and is being explored. Interested residents are encouraged to email board@westharbour.org to indicate interest or to learn more about the openings. POOL UPDATE: The pool will officially open on Saturday, May 27th and remain open through Labor Day, September 4th. Hours are as follows: 10AM – 9PM (Non-School Days / Saturday-Sunday) 3PM – 9PM (School Days / Monday-Friday) Pool hours may be reevaluated and adjusted in August when school starts up again to maximize them as much as possible. This will depend upon continued availability of guards and resident’s interest. The pool is all set for opening day. The resurfacing in 2016 made it much easier to get the pool ready for this season. We were slightly under budget last year for repairs; as a result, some needed electrical wiring was done in pool house. New pool furniture was purchased to replace the sling furniture that was not cost efficient to repair. Unlike the old furniture, the new furniture is strapped and easily reparable. Pyles Pools now manages the pool and lifeguards for the 2017 season. One (1) guard will be on duty all open hours. Guards will each work a daily shift with the shifts overlapping one hour each afternoon. This will allow for mid-day cleanup of toilet and shower areas. Pyles will also clean these areas daily before opening. Pyles is now hiring lifeguards for the season. Contact Lindsey Morris at 317.523.2865 with interest to lifeguard at the WH pool this season – they offer in-house certification. New neighbors or residents with questions or concerns should contact Ardsley Management, Kevin Schwarz. To obtain a household pool pass, also contact Ardsley. Any property owner not on a payment plan who has an outstanding unpaid assessment will not be able to access the pool using their pass. There is a need to purchase new patio umbrellas and sign boards. The pool house also needs siding repair and to have the hot water system checked. Shower heads will need to be decalcified to remove the lime buildup. SECURITY ENHANCEMENTS: The pool gate and fence have been beefed up to prevent reach-a-rounds and jimmying – Residents are reminded that your Pool Pass Card is required to gain entrance to the pool. New high-definition video surveillance cameras have been installed and cover the pool and most of the grounds. We are also working through the logistics necessary to install a camera to cover the parking lot area to keep people from congregating there after hours and disturbing those who live nearby. Additional signage is ordered and will be posted in the commons parking lot to indicate the commons is for WH Residents Only / Park Closes at 10 PM/ no parking after 10 PM or vehicles will be towed. Overnight parking will not be permitted unless a request is made to the BOD and is approved. 2016 Bridge Vandalism update: The association was awarded treble damages (about $2,700) at trial in January. The defendant, who was not a WH resident and over 18 years old, had sixty (60) days to appeal the judgment but did not do so. WHPOA now has a May 22nd court date to move to secure a wage garnishment. BUDGET REVIEW: Carrie Rayls / Kevin Schwarz Not expecting any significant expenses this year; the only real change is in the pool budget. First quarter expenses were typically low but will substantially increase with the onset of the pool season. The 2017 budget was included with the 2017 assessment notice sent to all homeowners. To obtain another copy, contact Kevin Schwarz at Ardsley Management. GENERAL DISCUSSION: Summer Bash 2017: This year’s Summer Bash will take place on Friday, July 21st. Donate to the raffle, e.g., Mary Kay, Thirty-one Bags, gift cards, etc. or to help with the planning and implementation of the Bash, please contact Katie Clark at commons_director@westharbour.org It was suggested that the 2018 Assessment Notices be sent out 60 days in advance of the due date, as an early reminder. By covenant, assessments are to be sent by April 1 each year. The solar lights at our entrances and their intermittent operation was raised. It was asked if WHPOA can have electricity run to them. The cost is too high to hook into electric, - there would have to be two meters with one at each entrance - plus the cost to run and install electric for both. Duke Energy will not provide free access or any discounted rate. Intermittent operation is due to the solar power and due to apparent tampering with the equipment. Residents are asked to contact Ardsley Management in regard to the lights not working and to please not handle the sensors or equipment. There may be a volunteer for the Commons Director, but that person would like a Co-Director to help with the planning and implementation of activities and events for West Harbour residents, i.e., Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Bash, etc. Contact Carrie Rayls at treasurer@westharbour.org. Pet Issues: Please keep your pet on a leash when outside and pick up after them. Also, if you have an aggressive pet, consider not allowing them to roam freely in your yard. This is for the safety of other pets and neighbors, or those who are walking past. Drees Homes: Their project at SR 38 and Little Chicago Road was briefly discussed, and is still pending final approval from the City. Home prices are expected to start at $350k, with the last phase of the project to be constructed at the northern part of the development nearest to West Harbour in 5-7 years. Reminder: If you are planning any external modifications or improvements to your property, contact the Ardsley Property Management to obtain forms. Next Meeting: TBA Adjourned: 7:51PM


WHPOA's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday May 11 from 6:30 to 8 PM at Hinkle Creek Elementary School east cafeteria. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend, we need volunteers willing to donate a few hours each month to the Association in the roles of Board Member, Secretary, Commons Director, and Webmaster. We will also review the budget and give an update regarding the enhancements aimed at improving  pool and grounds security. We hope to see you there!


VP Bob Billingham announced that he will be relocating to Colorado May 1 which will create an opening on the WHPOA Board. Additionally, Commons Director Kate Clark will be resigning by December 31, 2017 unless a resident volunteers prior to that time. If you are interested in volunteering for either of the upcoming vacancies, or if you would like more information, contact us by email at: board@westharbour.org We look forward to hearing from you!

January 24 WHPOA Meeting

WHPOA HOA Meeting January 24, 2017 at 7PM 12 Residents Attended at Hinkle Creek Elementary East Cafeteria Old Business- Former Pool Management Company contract non renewed Bridge  Vandalism Trial January 6 - Judgment for WHPOA with treble damages and attorney fees, defendant has 60 days to appeal New Business Greg: Gave an overview of Budget Process - All services were bid out and local companies used as much as possible. Landscape maintenance and mulch contract changed to YardNut (WH resident owner) which resulted in a significant cost savings. Pool & Guards - Three bidders, we are  contracting with Pyles Pools of Noblesville. Will have one guard on duty for all open hours during the 2017 season. Contract is all-inclusive. New Furniture - Must buy all new pool furniture as strapping cannot be used to repair and the cost to re-sling current furniture is more than replacing all of it. New furniture will be the strapped type. Pool gate will be modified to prevent unauthorized entry & improve security. Video Security Cams will soon be installed to improve pool, grounds, (and parking lot security if wireless will work from there). New signage will be posted for parking lot regarding overnight parking after 10 PM. Greg announced the $396.00 Property Owner Assessment for 2017. Ardsley will send letters out February 1. Budget has a shortfall but the Board will use reserve funds to make up the difference to honor the commitment made last year to roll dues back to prior level. He went on to discuss how all costs are rising and that this may very well be the last year that the assessment can remain at the current $396.00 level. Any potential increase will be kept as low as possible. Kevin Schwarz: Reviewed budget line items for 2017 and answered resident questions regarding the budget. Spring Garage Sale dates April 27, 28, 29 Next meeting date: TBA