WHPOA Annual Meeting May 7, 2018

The WHPOA Annual Meeting will be held Monday, May 7, 2018 at the Hinkle Creek Elementary School cafeteria, all homeowners are encouraged to attend. In addition to normal business, the bi-annual election of officers will be held and volunteers will be sought for other WHPOA positions. We look forward to seeing you there!

ANNUAL ASSESSMENT – $396 – Same as 2017

West Harbour Property Owners’ Association Meeting Minutes Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Hinkle Creek Elementary School Cafeteria

President Greg Powell Vice President Dwight Cromer BOD Jan Helms Secretary Christine Earley Treasurer Carrie Rayls Property Mgr. Kevin Schwarz, Ardsley Property Management Residents      Eight (8) Homeowners
The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM.
Greg introduced and welcomed Dwight Cromer as the new WHPOA Vice President and Board of Directors member. Dwight will fill the remainder of Bob Billingham’s term vacated in 2017.
Greg also thanked Katie Clark for her service as Commons Director.
2018 ANNUAL ASSESSMENT - Greg Powell
Annual Assessments will remain the same for 2018 at $396.00. Notices will be mailed out in early February for the March 1, 2018 due date.
2017/2018 BUDGET REVIEW– Kevin Schwarz
Regarding annual assessments for 2017 (Budget vs Actual), there was an increase in Actual receipts due to delinquent assessments received.
Kevin stated that the 2018 Budget is not much different from the 2017 Budget. Insurance coverage will increase in 2018 Pool expenses decrease in 2018 Electricity expenses decrease in 2018
Over budget expenses in 2017:
∙ Landscape Maintenance: Removal of several dead trees in the pool area. ∙ New pool furniture was purchased to replace the furniture that had failed after only three seasons of use and could not be repaired. The new pool furniture should last for several years to come. The new furniture has powder coated frames and individual straps that are replaceable at a minimal cost as compared to the previous sling type furniture. ∙ Added expenditure with electrical issues at pool house. It was originally thought that the pool house may need all new circuiting, which was not the case. Burtner Electric was called in to assess the issue and after submitting their bid, completed the necessary work at a fraction of the cost. ∙ Due to the installation of security cameras, etc. electrical costs increased. ∙ Attorney Fees increased in regard to delinquent accounts and other issues regarding the covenants. ∙ Due to the age of the pool house, some of the original siding was damaged and had to be replaced.
Volunteer(s) for the position of Commons Director for the 2018 season and a Webmaster for the POA webpage are greatly needed.
A Commons Director and an assistant are needed to facilitate the continuation of the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, the spring/fall garage sales, and the annual WHPOA Summer Bash. These fun events for our neighborhood may no longer be possible if the opening is not filled.
WHPOA is also looking for a Webmaster volunteer to manage our website and revamp it to bring it into the 21st Century! No degree required, just familiarity with computers. If interested or you know of someone to recommend, contact Greg or any Board member for more information about the above openings to help out your community!
∙ Men’s room in pool house may have moisture issues around window, door closer was not working correctly may need repair.
∙ Multiple cars parked in driveways/on road. The covenants/restrictions do not specifically address this issue. To change this, the covenants would have to be amended with the approval of 75% of owners.
∙ Vehicles parked on yards/grass will result in a violation letter.
∙ The property manager does canvas the neighborhood and addresses covenant violations through letters, i.e., trash/recycle bins, fences, junk on side of homes, cars on jacks, etc. Kevin stated that this spring/summer residents should see continued improvement with these issues as letters are sent out and problems are addressed. If a resident notices a potential violation, please email Kevin at kschwarz@ardsleymgmt.com.
∙ Fences are being evaluated and owners will be notified starting in the spring about any fence that needs to be repaired or replaced.
∙ There was concern regarding mailboxes which are in need of repair or replacement - i.e. missing doors, hanging doors, numbers missing, etc. Spring is around the corner; please take some time to give your mailboxes (and posts) the attention they need.
∙ A resident stated that the aesthetic standards for our neighborhood need to be or should be elevated. The new Drees subdivision will be built at SR 38 and Little Chicago Road and adjacent to the borders of West Harbour and South Harbour. It was felt that we should do all we can to raise the aesthetics of our neighborhood wherever possible to keep WH competitive with this new development and other surrounding communities.
∙ Solar lights at the WH entrances and their reliability were again discussed. It is not cost effective to hook into Duke Energy due to the high cost to install the necessary electric meter. As such, the issue of installing electricity to the lights has been tabled. Currently, the Firethorn entrance solar light wire is broken which has been an ongoing problem. The light has been repeatedly tampered with by persons unknown who switch it to the off position which then does not allow the light to charge. Ardsley will have the wire to the light repaired.
∙ New landscaping, no landscaping or more colorful landscaping around the permanent entrance signs was discussed.
∙ Concern about the lack of reflectors on the new wooden traffic barrier between the recently constructed walking path and Little Chicago Road. Due to the barrier’s dark color and closeness to the road there is a danger that northbound traffic could collide with it, particularly at night or in poor weather. The City Engineering Department was notified and is evaluating for a solution.
∙ A few of the foreclosed homes have now been revamped and sold.
Greg announced that the WHPOA Annual Meeting will take place at 6:30 PM on Monday, May 7, 2018 at Hinkle Creek Elementary School in the East Cafeteria. Election of the Board will be held at that time; consider serving your community and the Association by volunteering. Interested residents should email the Board or any Board member listed on the webpage at westharbour.org.
Meeting adjourned at 7:40PM


WHPOA's Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday May 11 from 6:30 to 8 PM at Hinkle Creek Elementary School east cafeteria. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend, we need volunteers willing to donate a few hours each month to the Association in the roles of Board Member, Secretary, Commons Director, and Webmaster. We will also review the budget and give an update regarding the enhancements aimed at improving  pool and grounds security. We hope to see you there!


VP Bob Billingham announced that he will be relocating to Colorado May 1 which will create an opening on the WHPOA Board. Additionally, Commons Director Kate Clark will be resigning by December 31, 2017 unless a resident volunteers prior to that time. If you are interested in volunteering for either of the upcoming vacancies, or if you would like more information, contact us by email at: board@westharbour.org We look forward to hearing from you!