Tween Party

Last Friday July 24th was the Tween party. The feedback and comments about the party were very positive and we would like to tank Deb and Brad Halbert for a well organized party. I also hope that all the “Tweens” that were at the party had a great time. Thanks also to Scott and Sarah for life guarding during the party. I have asked if anyone has any pictures of the event so we could post it on the website. Please let us know if there are any pictures that can be shared.

We have a guest post about the party from Apple Gray and Jonatan Langer.

The Tween party was quite different this year. Some games were played and unfortunately not so many kids had shown up. The pool was warm and fun and kids made their own games while in the pool. The food was delicious and was not much was left. Scott and Sarah were on duty during the party. Lucky no one got hurt during the process of the party. In the end all the kids played a fun game of Simon says. Before they all left the kids got to pick 2 prizes to go home with them so none of them left empty handed. In finally conclusion, the party was a success even though it needed more kids. Hopefully we see more happy faces next time.