11/23/2009 WHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Gilad Langer, Dave Harp, Rachel Purciful, Shelli Stohler, Deb Halbert, TJ Keene

Pool House: TJ has offered to oversee the pool house renovation. The items that need to have a bid were discussed. These bids will be compiled and reported to the board at the January meeting.

Pool: Palmetto Bay Pool Company gave us a bid for the 2010 season. We are creating a job description for the Pool Liaison position.

Commons: We are taking bids for the lawn care for 2010. A new playground was finalized with Recreation Unlimited and should be installed in the next few months. We have obtained a bid for doing the landscaping around the play set.

Treasurer: The 2010 budget was reviewed. The dues will remain at $372 in 2010.

Next Meeting: January 25, 2010 (Pizza King)

Respectfully submitted,
Shelli Stohler

One thought on “11/23/2009 WHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

  1. TJ Keene


    I am having a pre-bid tomorrow afternoon at the pool for my contractors (Wednesday November 2) and plan to have a proposal complete by the end of next week.


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