WHPOA Board and Director Positions

It has been a while since we posted on the website and we apologize for that. Fortunately there is not much that has happened over the last winter months but I to admit that I have also been quite busy with work and other things. That being said there are a few developments that we feel are important to discuss.

The current board, which includes Gilad Langer (me), Dave Harp, and Shelli Stohler will not run again this May for the board position, also Deb Halbert is not interested in continuing as the Commons Director. This means that all 3 board position will be open as well as the appointed position of Vice President, Secretary, and Commons Director. Rachel Purciful, our current treasurer, is however interested in keeping her position into the next year.

This means that we need to start recruiting within West Harbour for members that are interested in running for the board position as well as people that may be interested in some of the appointed positions. We will make every effort to help in this process and we feel that it is our duty to make sure that our community’s operation and attractiveness is maintained. We would also like to get interested members involved in the board’s work ASAP in order to make the transition more effective and easy.

So please if you are interested in any of these positions let us know. Also it would be an excellent idea to come to the board meeting next week, on Monday the 25th at 7:00 PM at the Pizza King in Harbourtown Centre. We all need to step up to try and find members that are interested in the board and appointed positions. This is our neighborhood and we need to make sure that we maintain it the best we can.

3 thoughts on “WHPOA Board and Director Positions

  1. Josh Sterrett

    The by-laws PDF that you posted is pretty generic in the job descriptions. Can you provide a little more information as to what the duties and job functions are for the various positions? I may be interested in volunteering for one of the positions but I will need to know more about them besides the vague generalities listed in the by-laws.

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