3/14/2012 WHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for 3-14-2012
*We are on budget for this year….no changes
*The sign committee will meet one more time and decide on 2 designs that will be posted on the website for neighborhood comments. Final decision will be made by the committee by 3-21-2012.
*With the Spring clean up scheduled for May 5th, this is also the goal for the signs to be completed and installed.
*Sarah, Nick and Alex are the returning guards for this year. We are still accepting applications. It was discussed that there may be a “uniform” for the guards with possibility of a uniform allowance.
*The board is looking into replacing pool furniture (lounges, umbrellas, and mini lounge side tables). This is still in the works.
*The opening day for the pool is May 26th. The pool hours will begin 10am-9pm and are subject to change.
*Neighborhood dues payments continue to come in. 31 certified letters went out to those who have yet to contact the treasurer about payment.
*A resident letter of concern was read and discussed. The board is taking appropriate action.
*A resident email of concern about wires at the playground that were exposed. The board looked into this concern and found that the wires are capped and not of any danger.
*This past month, West Harbour has had 2 houses sell and one more pending!
Submitted by:
Joanna Post
WHPOA Secretary