Minutes from Annual Meeting, 5/7/2012

In attendance:
Joanna Post
Jason Voyak
Jeannie Snay
Jan Helms
Christine Earley
Shannon Bassett
Larry Hess
Harry Earley

We discussed the new entrance signs under construction. Everything is going according to plan. We have asked Landscape Solutions to draw up a landscape design for around the signs.

Spring clean up consisted of cleaning up around the pool area, splitting and moving plants, putting down mulch, getting rid of the poison ivy around the fence by the pool area, spraying the parking lot. Attendance was extremely low.

All the guards have been hired for the 2012 pool season. A new pool liason for this year has been established. It is Joanna Post.

New pool chairs were again discussed and a final decision will be made shortly so as to have the pool ready to go by opening day. Opening day is May 26th. Pool hours are 10 am-9 pm. A few other improvements, such as new umbrellas for the table and the guard chair are also in the budget.