8/12 Board Meeting Minutes

* We are on budget for everything …. events, expenses, improvements etc.
* Landscape plans for around the new signs are under way. We have Landscape Solutions working on designs that will give us low to NO maintainence as well as color year round. We are also looking into solar lighting for both signs. Completion of this will determined by the weather ….. at this point, we can’t plant anything.
* Tree Update — the dying/dead trees that line the pool and Little Chicago are still in the claim/investigation mode. These trees will be removed and replaced once the claim goes through. What type of trees and how many/size etc. will be determined once we know how much we will get from this claim.
* The tree that went swimming in our baby pool during a summer storm will be taken care of by the end of the summer and the fence will be repaired.
* There will be a fall garage sale Fri-Sat September 21st and 22nd. this year and will coinside with South Harbour again.
* Be looking for information on the Fall Smore’s Bonfire coming in October ….. fingers crossed the burn ban will be lifted at this point!!

In attendence:
Joanna Post
Jeannie Snay
Jan Helms
Jason Voyak
Shannon Bassett