An Important Message from the Board of Directors

WHPOA Residents,

It has come to the attention of the Board of Directors that while we would like for West Harbour to be considered a warm and friendly community, the actions of one resident have revealed a much different view. As a BOD we try to monitor and respond to the needs of all the residents. We are often called upon to resolve issues residents have. Our goal is always to find a solution that is both reasonable and effective for all parties involved. When appropriate, we also encourage residents to settle their own disputes. We believe home owners in West Harbour are kind and understanding people who can approach a neighbor regarding an issue without placing blame or passing judgment. If you feel you need to address a neighbor about a problem, please approach them with a pleasant attitude and an open mind. Each of us has our own set of circumstances. If we approach our neighbors in a positive manner,resolutions to issues will be easier to reach.

As always, your BOD will continue to respond to issues on your behalf. We will consider the bestapproach and take the appropriate action. We are pleased to represent a neighborhood who takes suchpride in their community and we appreciate your input and support.

WHPOA Board of Directors

One thought on “An Important Message from the Board of Directors

  1. DC

    Why don’t people take pride in their investments, (homes & properties). Most WH residents do, but there are MANY that don’t. What does it take to remove junk cars (Buttonwood Dr), keep lawns mowed & trimmed, weeds out of yards, junk out of yards, etc? Everyone’s property values decrease when a few just don’t seem to care.
    In my opinion this is a Board issue, not a neighbor to neighbor issue.

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