New WHPOA Management Company

The WHPOA is under a new management company. Ardsley Management will take over various responsibilities and duties regarding the property, i.e., Receivables, Payables, Collection of Assessments, Title Letter, Filing Liens, Architectural Requests, Covenant Violations.
The company is located at:
3002 East 56th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46220

Their hours are M-F from 8:30AM to 5PM.

Questions/Concerns? Contact Ardsley Management @ 317.253.1401 or go to their website.

9 thoughts on “New WHPOA Management Company

  1. Greg Powell

    When we received the Ardsley dues letter and info sheet, we emailed the Board with questions and concerns about it, as it is a huge change for all WH residents, especially with no direct notice from the Board. After a week passed without a response, my wife sought out and spoke directly to our WHPOA president who said the Board was unable to get help that they need from the residents of WH, but it was not a good time for her to discuss it at that moment. My wife was assured that we would receive a response to our questions and concerns within the next day or two. Unfortunately, we have yet to have our questions and concerns addressed. I recognize that the Board consists of volunteers and Ardsley Management may prove to be a good long term move, however, it is frustrating that the WHPOA Board has not thus far responded to our questions. To get at least a few answers to our questions we contacted Ardsley. We learned that WHPOA’s contract pays them $550 per month for their range of management services. When asked about their services, Ardsley stated that only certain Covenant Violations will be addressed because the Board has opted to “selectively enforce” reported violations. As a 20 year resident of WH, I do appreciate the trying positions that our board members have voluntarily undertaken, but am concerned by the Board’s approach in implementing and communicating about this very sudden and huge changeover to Ardsley Management. Also disturbing to me is the indication that our properties and property values will be protected only with “selective enforcement” of the covenants, and whatever is meant by that.

  2. Greg Powell

    Update to March 20, 2015 Comment –

    Questions and Concerns – WHPOA Board remains non-responsive and our questions and concerns also remain unanswered by the Board and/or Kevin Schwarz @ Ardsley Management. Are other WH property owners receiving the same treatment?

    Covenant Violations Letter – Sent to all residents following my March 20 post regarding the Board’s “Selective Enforcement” of Covenant infractions. It remains unclear as to how a Covenant Infraction will actually be addressed. Selectively?

    Availability of Financials and Budget Info – Per WHPOA Covenants, my wife and I have requested both verbally and in writing that this information be made available to us for review. Thus far, the information has not been forthcoming despite assurance from Kevin Schwarz at Ardsley that we would promptly receive access to prior Board meeting minutes, expenditures, and past and projected budget items.

  3. Mark Decker

    I fully agree with your views. While I can appreciate the boards work on West Harbours behalf, I feel we were all blindsided by this decision. Granted, the board does post a Board Meeting date and time, but I believe that that the topics, especially one that is as important as hiring a management company, should have been noted as being on the agenda. Everyone that has an opinion, for or against this change, should plan on being at the meeting on May 11th at 7:00pm. I would like to know how long our contract is with Ardsley?

  4. Mark Decker

    Looking back over the old newsletters, I DO see that they gave notice in December that they were considering using a management company.

  5. Greg Powell

    Use of a management company may prove to be a great thing for our neighborhood, and my wife and I are not necessarily opposed to hiring one. A mention in the the Decmber newsletter that the Board was “considering” one was insufficient, especially absent any invitation for resident feedback. We had several questions and concerns upon receiving the initial letter from Ardsley, and both of us then requested by email to all Board members and later in person with the Board President to address at least a few of our questions, but we have not yet received a response from the Board or Ardsley. When I did speak with Kevin @ Ardsley, he indicated that the contract is for one year and they are paid $550.00 monthly by WHPOA. My wife and I both have requested meeting minutes, financials, and budget info so that we can be up to speed at the May 11 meeting. Unfortunately, we still have received none of these at this writing from WHPOA or Ardsley. Again, I appreciate the fact that the Board members are volunteers and that the affairs associated with their service can be challenging, but we believe that our questions and concerns deserve to be fully addressed. I strongly urge members to attend the Board meeting on May 11 and hope you can encourage and motivate your neighbors who share our concerns to also attend.

  6. Mark Decker

    It took me a while but I did receive budget/ vs actual expenses for
    FY 14. Also budget for 2015. Believe these documents should be posted on
    Website. Some items on last years expenses were a little surprising to me.

  7. Jackie Powell

    Mark, would you be willing to share your copy of WHPOA 2014 budget vs actual expenses and the 2015 Budget with me? I am uncertain why our numerous requests for these documents going back to 3/2/15 have gone unanswered and why you received them and we didn’t even though Ardsley requested them on our behalf on 3/23/15. Perhaps it is an oversight by the board. We are not on a “witch hunt” – these are our neighbors. We only wish to review these documents in advance of attending the upcoming May meeting to ensure we have background on the issues. We desire to actively respond to and act on the President’s valid concern regarding lack of resident participation in maintaining our neighborhood but cannot get a response thereby forcing us to use this forum in the hopes of enlisting the board’s response to our request.

  8. Mark Decker

    Jackie- would be happy to forward. Send me your request/ e mail address to and I will forward. In the past they would post on web page. But that has not been the case lately.

  9. Mark Decker

    Will you be posting a reminder on the sign ( like the yard sale reminder)
    concerning the HOA meeting next Monday?

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