Minutes from 12/16/15 WHPOA Board Meeting

Those in attendance:
Larry Hess, Kathie Dills, Jackie Powell, Michael Strong, Rich Broyles, Mark Deeker, Christine Earley, Kate Clark, Carrie Rayls, Jason Voyak, Joanna Post, Greg Powell, Kevin Schwarz
  • Kevin, our management company associate, spoke about the budget — we are 12,000 ahead of budget through November. Most all have paid dues… we are nearing 100%. There have been some noticeable repairs around the neighborhood…painting, trashcans hidden, roof repairs, and other minor repairs. Overall, looking better.
  • We have an issue with the pool. There is a crack at the bottom of the pool that must be repaired. The board has looked into Fibertech (fiberglass liner/insert) which will cost us about 31,000. By using this company, we would be guaranteed a 25 year warranty. There are several different ways to try and fund this needed repair. One thought was to not have full time lifeguards which would save us about 19,000 a season. There was mixed opinion about going this route. Another thought was having a special one time assessment of about $55 per resident to help with the cost.
  • The ongoing issue with the [pool area] key fobs has been placed in Mr. Powell’s lap. He has been looking into why we can’t seem to get this system working correctly. The company is telling us we need a new motherboard.
  • We have a mole problem in the playground area. This will be reported to our landscaping company. It was also brought up that the landscaping needs some attention as well. This will also be brought up to the company.