Following the conclusion of our summer season, the WHPOA Board has been working with our property management company to obtain bids for the various services West Harbour requires each year. As most residents know, we canceled the contract with last season’s pool management company. The Board is set to meet in executive session before the holidays to review multiple pool management bids as well as contract proposals for all other services including landscaping and grounds maintenance. We have also solicited and will be reviewing proposals aimed at heightening our pool and grounds security. Once the review process is completed, we can then establish the necessary 2017 operating budget and set the annual resident dues assessment. If all goes according to plan, we then anticipate having an HOA meeting in January to review the budget and announce the 2017 resident assessment prior to mailing out the February 1 dues statement. It is the Board’s goal to provide the best and most cost-effective services to residents while keeping an eye toward maintaining the 2017 assessment at a reasonable and affordable level.

On another subject of note for residents, I attended a meeting with Drees Homes who want to build lower density homes ranging from $350,000 and up on the land between State Road 38 and Little Chicago Road. Their project abuts both West Harbour and South Harbour. Construction will begin near State Road 38, then move north in phases over a time a period of 5-7 years toward West Harbour. The last phase will be constructed nearest to our community and will include a sizable greenway. Drees will seek initial approval for the project this month but will not be breaking ground for infrastructure until sometime next summer at the earliest. For more information, contact Drees Homes.

Best wishes to all for happy holidays and a great New Year!

Greg Powell, President