Annual Meeting May 7, 2018


MONDAY, MAY 7, 2018 Hinkle Creek Elementary School Cafeteria

Annual Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 6:36 PM. In attendance were all members of the Board of Directors, 15 Association members, and Kevin Schwarz of Ardsley Property Management. A quorum was established by the association members in attendance.


We will continue with Pyles Pools for the 2018 season. The Board secured a three (3) year fixed-fee contract with Pyles Pools that locks in the cost of WHPOA’s largest ongoing expense throughout the contract period. The BOD anticipates that this will help to keep the annual assessment from a large increase in the future by knowing and controlling this cost. The pool cover has been removed, the pool cleaned, and deck chairs are out. The opening date for the pool is Saturday, May 26, 2018.
2018 Pool Hours: 10AM – 9PM Daily
10AM – 12PM without guard
12PM – 9PM with guard
3PM – 9PM during school days
Pool hours and rules are subject to change and may be adjusted as necessary. 2018 pool rules are posted on our website.
The Board eliminated lifeguard hours from 10 AM to Noon due to consistently low pool utilization during those hours. This change saved the association a significant amount of money and further contributed to maintaining the resident assessment for 2018 at its current level.
Pool, telephone, surveillance cameras, and key card systems are all up and running and came in under budget with no needed repairs.
Pool Key Cards can be used between 10AM – 12PM when lifeguards are not on duty – swim at your own risk. For a replacement pool key card ($25), contact Kevin Schwarz at 317.253.1401. If you are a new residents and did not receive the pool key card from the previous owner, please contact the property manager.

BUDGET: Kevin Schwarz

The 2018 Budget was reviewed. The association has received 95% of this year’s annual assessment, with 10-12 households still outstanding/delinquent. All 2017 assessments have been collected.


New Board of Directors:
Greg Powell – President
Dwight Crowmer – Vice President
Brian McKamie – Member at Large
Jan Helms was recognized for volunteering her time, effort, and dedication to WHPOA over the years and for serving as past president and as a member of the board of directors. Jan chose to not run again for a board position this year in order to devote more time to her family. WHPOA appreciates Jan’s contributions to the West Harbour community and extends its gratitude to her for her service.

The New Board Reappointed:

Carrie Rayls – Treasurer
Christine Earley – Secretary
Commons Director – OPEN
Webmaster – OPEN
The association has been seeking volunteers to fill the position of Commons Director who coordinates neighborhood events, i.e., Annual Easter Egg Hunt, Neighborhood Garage Sales and the Summer Bash. A Webmaster is also needed to maintain our website at Please take an interest in your community and volunteer – contact any board member!


All External Additions and Modifications must be submitted to Ardsley Management for final approval before starting. Some examples are changes or upgrades to decks, fences, patios, house paint (unless same color), driveways, in ground pools (no above ground pools allowed), playsets, pergolas, yard barns, etc. If you have questions or are planning an exterior project, contact Kevin at 317.253.1401 to get the forms needed for approval.
Street Lights: Contact Duke Energy at 317-867-4273, if you notice an outage.
Violations: Kevin Schwarz of Ardsley Management
There are seven (7) to eight (8) homes in need of repair in the neighborhood. Letters have been sent.
All residents are asked to keep up beds, yards (cut tall grass and treat for weeds), and perform routine upkeep on your home by repairing fences, house trim and gutters, repairing sheds, touching up external paint, and power washing your siding if needed. Improve the appearance on the sides of your home – don’t let it become an eyesore to you or your neighbor.

Adjourned: 7:17PM

Next Meeting: TBA