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Announcements form the West Harbour Property Owners Association Board


Following the conclusion of our summer season, the WHPOA Board has been working with our property management company to obtain bids for the various services West Harbour requires each year. As most residents know, we canceled the contract with last season’s pool management company. The Board is set to meet in executive session before the holidays to review multiple pool management bids as well as contract proposals for all other services including landscaping and grounds maintenance. We have also solicited and will be reviewing proposals aimed at heightening our pool and grounds security. Once the review process is completed, we can then establish the necessary 2017 operating budget and set the annual resident dues assessment. If all goes according to plan, we then anticipate having an HOA meeting in January to review the budget and announce the 2017 resident assessment prior to mailing out the February 1 dues statement. It is the Board’s goal to provide the best and most cost-effective services to residents while keeping an eye toward maintaining the 2017 assessment at a reasonable and affordable level.

On another subject of note for residents, I attended a meeting with Drees Homes who want to build lower density homes ranging from $350,000 and up on the land between State Road 38 and Little Chicago Road. Their project abuts both West Harbour and South Harbour. Construction will begin near State Road 38, then move north in phases over a time a period of 5-7 years toward West Harbour. The last phase will be constructed nearest to our community and will include a sizable greenway. Drees will seek initial approval for the project this month but will not be breaking ground for infrastructure until sometime next summer at the earliest. For more information, contact Drees Homes.

Best wishes to all for happy holidays and a great New Year!

Greg Powell, President

HOA Meeting Minutes 08/09/16

WHPOA HOA Meeting – 08/09/16

Call to Order – 7PM 

Introductions –

Bob Billingham – VP

Kevin Schwarz – Ardsley Property Management

Greg Powell – President

Jan Helms –  Past President and BOD member (unable to attend)

In Attendance – 21 residents

Old Business

WHPOA Secretary – Position is open and may not be filled – Experimenting with recording the meeting for posting to WHPOA website barring tech problems.

Summer Bash – Thanks to Kate Clark for her dedication and very hard work in organizing the event and to all those who volunteered to make the Summer Bash a big success.

Pool repairs were completed on budget and on time despite weather delays and additional damage that was found and repaired at no additional cost.

Key Card system – Cards are needed to enter the pool. System data may ID usage patterns to assist with pool staffing. Cost was part of pool refurb.

New Business

Pool and Commons Area

Hours – through Labor Day – Weekends 10-9; Weekdays Noon-8.

Security – Better gate security is needed, gate mesh being extended to wall to prevent reach-throughs; possible installation of an exit button; getting bids to see if it is feasible to install a pool and video security/LED lighting system for commons area and parking lot.

Residents – Crime Watch mentality is needed – see someone or something wrong first inquire, gather info, then if necessary notify police and make BOD aware of the issue so it can follow up.

Facebook – Posts do little to help bring issues to the prompt attention of Ardsley, Aquatic Management, or the WHPOA BOD. Ardsley and Aquatic Management are separate, and neither have access to the WH Facebook page, and BOD does not monitor it. It is always most efficient to call or email Ardsley and Aquatic Management directly and notify the BOD so we can follow up. Ardsley, Aquatic Management and BOD contact info and email addresses are on WHPOA’s website.

Bridge Vandalism Update – Letter for reimbursement of all costs and fees was just sent to owner of vehicle by WHPOA attorney after positive ID. Kudos to Brian McKamie for getting info. Despite eyewitness to the vandalism, Noblesville Police have not been particularly helpful to us in investigating to determine second and third persons involved, and would not take an initial report at the time from Brian, saying he was not a WHPOA official.

Dead Trees – Getting bids now to remove, will likely be fall before they are cut down.

Pool Furniture – Purchased in 2012, most lounger fabric is now failing. Retail cost for material to re-sling is in excess of value. Exploring options, now have first bid for $1900+ to redo 15 loungers but more are failing. We have $2500 in current budget for pool furniture.

Website – – Dave Harp and Bob Billingham are revamping. Status update given by Bob who says we are attempting to revamp to make site easier to navigate and are eliminating old and outdated info He asked for any suggestions, and photos appropriate for posting to be emailed to him through his WHPOA website email address. He expects process to be completed in next 2-3 months.

Contract ReviewRe: Pool, BOD does not plan to renew with Aquatic Management due to their spotty performance. BOD is reviewing ALL contracts and directing Ardsley to get bids for ALL. BOD also hopes to see bids from properly qualified and vetted local businesses.

Financial UpdateArdsley – YTD Budget on track, most residents are paid in full, a few households on payment plan remain to be paid, reminder letters going out. 5440 Buttonwood has now changed hands and we hope to begin seeing positive changes there soon.

Questions and Discussion

Pool Manager – Joanna Post asked about being hired as Manager for next year, and envisions reinstating card system and hiring full-time guards since BOD will not be renewing Aquatic Management contract.  BOD does see a need for a pool manager but before any decisions are made will get bids.

Pool Contract – Joanna also wanted to know if/why WHPOA is paying full amount of pool management contract when pool maintenance and bathrooms are not being satisfactorily cared for and supplies are inadequate. BOD and Ardsley have notified Aquatic Management of problems and deficiencies throughout the season once learning of them. Pool contract lacks specific performance guarantees or penalties for either party. It allows 48 hours for Aquatic Management to make corrections once notified of a problem. Aquatic Management made a commitment to clean restrooms and pools daily (usually mornings) since the on duty guard normally cannot clean due to lack of time. Kevin Schwarz reported that they have been cleaning but the restrooms become less clean as the day progresses. He indicated that about 75% of contract installment has been paid to them to date and stated that South Harbour is also not renewing with them for reasons like ours.

Pool Restrooms and Showers – Lack of hot water in showers, apparent lack of cleanliness in bathrooms and shower areas, plumbing problems with womens’ toilets all were raised. Ardsley will follow up.

Pool Security – Discussion followed regarding how a second layer of pool security could be added to keep out non-residents. Suggestion was that everyone entering the pool must sign in with a full-time guard using pool cards and log book.

Another worry about pool security concerned asking apparent non-residents about their being inside the pool. It was stated that it should not be any resident’s responsibility to ask about where someone lives, nor ask them to leave as it was felt that it should not be up to residents to police the pool. It was felt that a resident should not have to face any apprehension should the situation somehow escalate or get out of hand. Should that happen, a recommendation was made to then call the police as all residents are owners and are paying for our exclusive use and upkeep.

Parking Lot – Concern was voiced about the commons parking lot – about vehicles parked there overnight and/or for long periods of time, also about people congregating in the lot after midnight who litter and disturb nearby residents. Kevin Schwarz discussed potential video security and LED lighting system for the pool area, parking lot, and courts and commons area as a potential deterrent and safeguard. Additional signage was also mentioned.

Dead Trees – A question was raised asking if the cost for removal of the dead trees was in our budget or not. Kevin said the cost was not specifically budgeted when the budget was set as there was no knowledge of the dead trees at the time, but there is enough money available to have them removed.

Next Meeting – No date set – TBA as needed

Adjourn  – 8PM

Warrior from West Harbour Serving in Iraq

From the July 4, 2016 issue of TIME magazine, page 36.

One of the 4,087 U.S. heroes deployed in Iraq and working to defeat ISIS is from West Harbour. We salute and thank you and your family for your dedication and service to our country, and wish you safety and Godspeed as you remain so far from home.

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