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Get ready for West Harbour’s 2010 Spring Clean Up!

Saturday, May 1st, at 9:00 AM, will be our annual Spring Clean Up! Last year brought several neighbors together to help get our commons area spruced up and looking good! We would love to see this happen again this year! With your help, this can happen in a matter of a few hours on a Saturday morning!

This year, we would like to help beautify our entrances with some low maintenance perennials. If you are splitting any from your own garden and would like to donate to the neighborhood, that would be fantastic! We’re looking for plants like Black Eyed Susans, Tiger Lillies, as well as ground cover type plants like Phlox. These plants will bring color and beauty without having to water them morning, noon and night!

We will need to work on our typical clean up as well which includes trash pick up, weed pulling, spreading mulch, spraying Round Up in the parking lot etc. so please bring whatever gardening tools you have on hand and come on out and enjoy what we hope to be a beautiful, sunny, spring morning! As always, refreshments will be served as well as 10 free pool passes to each individual who comes out to help!!!!  See you there!

If you have any questions, please call our commons director, Joanna Post, at 776-7033.

Attention – Theft has been reported.

If you have not noticed we have had a report from Ron Kincaid about the theft of a GPS from his car. Here is his message posted in the comments section.

ATTENTION all West Harbour homeowners! It appears that we have someone or some people breaking into cars again. At some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning someone broke into our car and stole a brand new GPS and several other items. Please make sure if your car sits outside you have it locked and if you see any unusual cars or people you contact the police. Apparently some people have no respect for others property.

Thanks Ron for alerting us, and as Ron mentions – please report all incidents or suspicions to the police. Let us all help in keeping our neighborhood safe and secure.  I hope that we get the person or persons responsible for these thefts to justice ASAP.

New WHPOA Board Needed!

Although it seems that we are the deep of winter, we are nearing the end of February and before we know it spring will be here with all the great activities that we have here in West Harbour. Easter egg hunt, Spring garage sales, and the ever so popular Spring clean-up 🙂 .

In order for these activities and to continue to have a well functioning owners association it is imperative that we find some people that are willing to run for the currently open board positions. As we mentioned previously all the board positions are open. Some of us simply are busy with other things and would like to let other members have a turn at running the association and others, like me, are simply in the process of relocating. The sum of it is that if there are no members that are willing to take over these activities they may not happen and even more critical the pool opening and operation may be very difficult to accomplish.

So please let us put our heads together and make sure that we can recruit some of our members to take over the board positions. The health and operation of our community is at risk. Is that not important for everybody?

Please help us find our next WHPOA board members! Also, do not forget to look at the calendar and participate in our upcoming board meetings.

WHPOA Board and Director Positions

It has been a while since we posted on the website and we apologize for that. Fortunately there is not much that has happened over the last winter months but I to admit that I have also been quite busy with work and other things. That being said there are a few developments that we feel are important to discuss.

The current board, which includes Gilad Langer (me), Dave Harp, and Shelli Stohler will not run again this May for the board position, also Deb Halbert is not interested in continuing as the Commons Director. This means that all 3 board position will be open as well as the appointed position of Vice President, Secretary, and Commons Director. Rachel Purciful, our current treasurer, is however interested in keeping her position into the next year.

This means that we need to start recruiting within West Harbour for members that are interested in running for the board position as well as people that may be interested in some of the appointed positions. We will make every effort to help in this process and we feel that it is our duty to make sure that our community’s operation and attractiveness is maintained. We would also like to get interested members involved in the board’s work ASAP in order to make the transition more effective and easy.

So please if you are interested in any of these positions let us know. Also it would be an excellent idea to come to the board meeting next week, on Monday the 25th at 7:00 PM at the Pizza King in Harbourtown Centre. We all need to step up to try and find members that are interested in the board and appointed positions. This is our neighborhood and we need to make sure that we maintain it the best we can.

Pool Liason Again

During the last board meeting we have once again discussed the need for a pool liaison. We are not sure that we are going to be able to hire Megan, our head life guard of the last few years, since she will be busy with other commitments. This makes the need for somebody to take responsibility of the pool operation even more important. We are working on a list of things that we believe the pool liaison needs to be in charge of. This will be discussed in the next board meeting. We are also going to be discussing how to compensate this position. We have already received one inquiry from an interested member. Please feel free to chime in and provide any input on this topic.