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Pool house bathroom renovation project

We are in the process of collected final bid for the pools house bathrooms renovation. Initially we collected bids for budgetary estimates and now we are moving ahead to qualify a contractor that will carry out the renovation project. If you know or can refer us to a contractor it would be of tremendous help. We really try to keep neighborhood projects local and also prefer somebody from the neighborhood if that is possible.

This is the list of items that we will be asking for in the request for quote or proposal (RFP) is:

  • Install new toilets and urinal
    • 1 toilet and 1 urinal in men’s and 3 toilets in woman’s bathrooms.
  • Replace and/or renew all plumbing for hot and cold water
    • Pipes, valves, faucets, showers etc.
  • Refurbish stalls, doors and latches
  • Resurface floors and anti-slip strips
  • Paint both bathrooms

The intent is to get the work commissioned before year end and have it completed before the pool opens for the 2010 summer season. So if you know anybody that may be interested or you that you can reference for this project please let us know ASAP.

Do we need a Pool Liaison?

We have unfortunately concluded this year’s pool season, the pool is the process of being drained and winterized. As we looked back at the pool season and the pool operation we have come to the conclusion that we will be much better served if we had an appointed Pool Liaison. This would be a person that would have the general responsibility for the pool operation and act as the liaison between the pool company, life guards and WHPOA board. We have had similar position in the past with mixed results, however after this season we believe that it is not only necessary it also will help in ensuring the pool is operable and available to our community.

I am writing this for two reasons. First I would like to get feedback about this idea and second to find somebody that may be interested in the position. Please feel free to post your opinions, ideas, suggestion and comments so we can start the process. If you have an interest in this position please let me know. We will obviously have to work out the actual responsibilities, the guidelines and compensation. Once again we are very interested in your opinions and ideas.