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News about our community

Commons Area Improvements

From Jan Helms, WHPOA President:

Many improvements are about to happen around the commons area. Among the changes you will see in the near future will be in the tennis court area. The tennis courts are going to be resurfaced and new fencing put up. Additionally, rather than having two tennis courts, we will be installing a basketball court on one side and the other side will have a tennis court. The estimated completion date is still TBD. We will share timelines as soon as we can. Other changes planned for this year are new fencing around the pool area, new landscaping, new furniture, pool house and bridge improvements, and resurfacing of the parking lot.

Neighborhood Event Updates

The board wanted to update you on the latest events that have been scheduled.

They are as follows:
Open Board Meeting – Sunday, 3/24, at 6:30 pm at the Pizza King in the Harbourtown Plaza
Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday,  3/30,  at Noon in the Commons Area
Spring Garage Sales – 4/25 through 4/27 (along with South Harbour)
Annual Meeting –  Monday, 5/6, at 7 pm at the Pizza King in the Harbourtown Plaza
The other events for this season are TBA

Important Updates from the WHPOA Board of Directors

The commons area no longer has a mailbox/drop box due to the vandalism in the commons area. The new address is P.O. Box 715, Noblesville, IN 46061.

The dues letters have gone out. You should have received yours in the mail. Dues are the same as last year ($372) and are due on/by March 1st, 2013. If you are not able to pay your dues in full by March 1st, 2013, please contact Jeannie Snay to make payment arrangements BEFORE March 1st, 2013 to avoid any late fees being assessed. Please note that our yearly dues have not increased in 5 years, since 2009. We are doing our best managing our money wisely so dues do not increase.

New signs are paid for from money we had saved over the last 3 years. The landscape design that was approved by the board has been installed. We should see beautiful flowers coming up in the spring.

The White Pine Trees that lined Little Chicago Road have been removed. These trees were damaged due to Imprelis being used in our commons area nearly 2 years ago. The cost for the removal of the trees and replacement landscaping/trees is being paid for by DuPont, through their claims resolution agreement services (we are not the only neighborhood in this situation, it is a national issue). The board members will work closely with our current landscape company, Landscape Solutions, to come up with a new landscape plan/design for the area where the trees were removed. If there are additional funds from this settlement offer with DuPont, the board will look into other improvements that are needed in the commons area. We will post updates as we get them.

LIFEGUARDS NEEDED….we are in need of some good lifeguards this summer. Anyone interested in life guarding at the West Harbour pool needs to fill out an application and email Joanna Post.  Good, reliable, confident, out-spoken, hard-working, and BOLD applicants need only reply.

POOL COVER/MAILBOX/TABLES DAMAGED….keep an eye out for any late night or unusual activity in the commons area. Several weeks ago we had some teenagers vandalize the pool cover by throwing concrete blocks on it, and ripping a hole in the center of the cover. They also damaged the mailbox beyond repair and destroyed the two picnic tables that were in the playground area. All of these items are being submitted to our insurance company for replacement/reimbursement. The pool cover itself is around $4,500 and was just replaced last year. Please report anything out of the ordinary to the police department.

The board members will meet on as needed basis during the winter months. The only meeting scheduled right now is the annual meeting on May 6th at 7:00pm at Pizza King.