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City Announces Spring Loose Leaf Pickup Program

The Noblesville Street Department normally conducts pickup of loose leaves only in the autumn.  Due to the fact that many leaves still remain on the ground, the Street Department will make one complete circuit of the city with leaf machines in order to remove any remaining loose leaves.  This special pickup will begin on Monday, March 24, 2014 and should take approximately three weeks to complete.   Residents who still have leaves in their yard who would like to take advantage of this special pickup must rake the loose leaves as close to the edge of the street as possible without placing leaves in the street.  Loose leaves with brush, grass, litter, and/or other debris will not be picked up, as this will damage equipment.  Please note that leaves will not be picked up in alleys.   Because of the variables involved with this special pick-up including how many leaf machines are able to be used, weather conditions, and how many residents take advantage of this program, it will be difficult to predict which neighborhoods will have their leaves picked up on which days.  Due to this, residents who would like to be included in this pick-up should have their leaves raked and placed close to the street by next Monday, March 24.  Residents who miss this special one-time pickup will need to bag their leaves in free, biodegradable bags and call the Street Department at 776-6348 to schedule a pickup.  The biodegradable bags are available for free to Noblesville residents and may be picked up at the Street Department (1575 Pleasant Street) or City Hall (16 S. 10th Street).

For more information about the one-time spring leaf pickup program, contact the Street Department at 776-6348.

Fireworks Usage

Here is a message from Jason Voyak, our neighbor and Noblesville Police Sargent:
The city is under an Emergency Disaster Declaration until 9:00am on 7/6/2012. During that timeframe the use of consumer fireworks is strictly prohibited. Anyone who knowingly, intentionally, or recklessly violates the declaration would be committing a Class B Misdemeanor.
Please keep this in mind over the July holiday!
Happy 4th!

Also, for more information, please read the official announcement on the City of Noblesville website.

Noblesville Named Tree City USA

In addition to receiving the Tree City USA recognition for the twenty-first year in a row, Noblesville also received a Tree City USA Growth Award for demonstrating progress in our community forestry program. The Growth Award honors environmental improvement and higher levels of tree care in Tree City USA Communities. Click the link below to view the news article.

A Treeific award for Noblesville