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Meeting Minutes from September 8 WHPOA Meeting

Those present were:
Jason Voyak
Joanna Post
Jan Helms
Jeannie Snay
David Post
Erin Redding
BJ Young
Bruce Young

First was a review of the current budget. Things are looking good and right on budget.

2013 Pool Season a success — new basketball goal, chairs, fencing were great additions and appreciated by residents who visited the pool. We are currently taking bids from pool companies for the next pool season.

We are looking into more fencing around the basketball and tennis courts.

It appears that one of our new pines is in trouble and may be diseased and will either be replaced with another tree or possibly some sort of perennial.

We discussed the problem with the solar lights at each entrance. The installing company has already been notified and is correcting the problem.

We spoke of the school buses in the neighborhood and the speeding issues. Those seem to be resolved.

Notices are going to out to those residents who are not complying to the neighborhood bylaws.

We discussed ADA issues at the pool and poolhouse.

We spoke about the Summer Bash. Most felt it needs to be moved back to summer break. There is a possibility of a Fall event. We are waiting to hear from our Commons Director about this.

The Fall Garage Sale was brought up. It will be September 26,27,28 from 9-5. More advertising may be needed.

Submitted by: Joanna Post

2013 West Harbour Pool Season

This weekend kicks off our 2013 pool season! We are excited about all the new changes happening at the pool and our common areas and hope that most everything will be completed in time for this Saturday’s opening day!

We would also like to take a moment and go over pool rules just so everyone is on the same page. We have a lot of great families who enjoy our pool and it’s amenities and everyone deserves be able to come down and spend the afternoon or evening without cause for concern.

Over the last few summers, there have been a few who have chosen not to follow the rules or listen to the lifeguard’s request for improved behavior. This year we have decided to put into writing the consequences for not following the rules to make sure everyone is aware of the expectations when at the pool and commons area.

The rules are simple:

  1. No horseplay/rough housing
  2. No profanity
  4. No fighting
  5. No destruction of WHPOA or other resident’s property
  6. Adult swim is for ADULTS over the age of 18
  7. All guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times
  8. Absolutely NO entry into pool equipment room
  9. All children under 12 must have someone 16 years or older with them at the pool at all times
  10. Any and all rules that the Lifeguard on duty deems necessary for the safety of all residents at the pool

If these rules are broken, a warning will be issued by either the lifeguard on duty or the pool manager. If the warning is not taken seriously, the resident will be asked to leave the pool for a 24 hour period. If this same resident continues to have similar issues once returning to the pool, another warning will be issued. If this warning is not heeded, this resident will be banned from the pool for a period of one week. A letter will be sent to the resident’s address describing the issues and the date when the resident may return to the pool. If the behavior continues, the warnings are over and the resident will not be permitted back into the pool area for the remainder of the summer. We certainly hope it would never get to this point, however, we find it necessary to make sure that all patrons feel welcome and safe when visiting the pool, therefore making it necessary to have some sort of consequence in place just in case something does occur.

Now that we have that out of the way — let’s have a fun, safe summer at the pool with our family, friends and neighbors!
See you at the pool!

Joanna Post
WHPOA secretary
WHPOA pool manager

Commons Area Improvements

From Jan Helms, WHPOA President:

Many improvements are about to happen around the commons area. Among the changes you will see in the near future will be in the tennis court area. The tennis courts are going to be resurfaced and new fencing put up. Additionally, rather than having two tennis courts, we will be installing a basketball court on one side and the other side will have a tennis court. The estimated completion date is still TBD. We will share timelines as soon as we can. Other changes planned for this year are new fencing around the pool area, new landscaping, new furniture, pool house and bridge improvements, and resurfacing of the parking lot.