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Board meeting this Monday at 7:00 PM

Please remember to attend the upcoming board meeting this coming Monday 7:00 PM at the pool pavilion. Once again I would like to urge everybody that is able to attend to do so. This is the busy season for the association with the pool opening, operation and other important issue that are on the agenda.  

The tentative agenda is:

  • Review pool status and operation
    • Pool opening times
    • Life guards
  • How to deal with members that have past due association fees
  • Current open maintenance issues
    • Pool house heater & piping
    • Bridge (stones, and boards)
    • Trees
    •  Signs plants
  • Snacks and pop sales
  • Update about play set
  • Buttonwood traffic and speeding report
  • Review of budget
    • Current status
    • Review of investments proposals

We hope to see you at the meeting.

Pool, dues, and speeding on Buttonwood – Continued

It is quite obvious that the latest post regarding feedback from Steve, one of our property owners has caused some stir. I elected to write a new post to increase visibility so some of the important content does not get buried in the comments.

First I would like to commend Steve for expressing his opinion and bringing up 2 issues that, I am sure, are on everybody’s minds. Regardless of the manner in which they were presented, speeding on Buttonwood and other streets in our neighborhood has been an issue for a long time. I am relatively new to the neighborhood but I have heard from the “old timers” that this has always been an issue. As I mentioned previously the streets are managed and policed by the City of Noblesville and a suggestion was made to contact the Police Department about this. I would like to get some more opinions on this topic and also see if we can get some feedback from the owners that work for the police department. If there is a good sentiment about this we can maybe lobby the Noblesville Police Department to do something to mitigate this?

The next topic is the pool. We have mostly received positive feedback about the pool, both about its operation and the mere fact that we are using our funds to maintain it – and obviously the fact that we have one. However we have heard a few opinions to the contrary. Therefore this is an opportunity to express your opinions about the topic.

Please post your comments and remarks to this thread, we really would like to hear from you. If you are having difficulty just send it as email to president@westharbour.org.

3/16/2009 WHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2009

Present: Gilad Langer, Rachel Purciful, Jeannie Snay, Deb Halbert, Shelli Stohler, Jenny Harp

Treasurer: There are 30 homes that have not made payment arrangements for the 2009 dues.  Please contact Rachel immediately to do so.

We reviewed the 2009 budget to assess the current neighborhood needs.  The board decided to proceed with the bridge reinforcement, pool drains, upgrading the entrance sign landscaping and painting of the entrance signs.

Commons: Spring Clean-Up is right around the corner. Deb will be checking on mulch for the neighborhood. During the clean up the play area needs addressing.  There are many nails sticking up and slats missing. Deb has 600 eggs filled for the Easter egg hunt on March 28th at 10:00 am.

We are now on “Twitter” (username: westharbour).  Please keep up to date about our neighborhood news and happenings by checking the site.

The annual board meeting will take place May 4th at 7 pm at the pool.

The next regular board meeting will be April 20th at 7:00 pm at the Stohler house (228 Wintergreen).

Respectfully submitted,

Shelli Stohler

Association fees are due!

We all understand that these economic times present a challenge for everybody as we try to make ends meet. We also understand that the association dues are another bill that we have to deal with as we try to balance our personal budgets. But I also would like to make everybody aware that we are just as challenged in trying to balance the associations budget. As I mentioned many times before we have facilities that are starting to show their age and require some investment on top of all the operational costs that we have just to keep everything running. I would also like to remind everybody how much pleasure and entertainment we get from our facilities and especially the pool. Summer is undoubtedly on its way and we want to make extra sure that everything is in good condition for the season.

Why do I mention all of this? As of this posting we have still not received payment from 30 property owners. I would like to urge everybody to do their best to pay their dues on time. If you are having difficulties please contact Rachel (Treasurer) and we will do our best to work with you with on a payment plan. It is essential for us to keep our association in a positive cash-flow state. Please do your best to help us balance the budget.


– Gilad

February Update

We had a good and productive WHPOA board meeting as scheduled on Monday 2/23. It was somewhat disappointing that attendance outside of the board members involved just a single person. However I am still confident that most of our members are genuinely interested in our community and simply were too busy? I can only assume therefore that you have trust in the board members to look out for your interests? If not I urge that you attend some the future meetings.

As I said it was a very productive meeting and I believe that we came to some good conclusions as well as necessary action points to work on. The central issue that we discussed was obviously our budget. There are quite a few projects that we need to tackle and as you all may know a very limited budget. The main things that we need to address in the following priority order are:

  1. The pool bridge erosion problem
  2. Required repair to pools plumbing in order to bring them to compliance with new regulation
  3. Replacing pool furniture.

All in all this requires us to find around $5000 in our existing budget. That means that in our next meeting we will make an attempt to trim the budget in order to free the necessary funds. We are making every effort to make good use the funds at our disposal, which means that we have to be frugal and make every penny count. As you all may know this is not an easy task and requires more time on our part. I hope that everybody understands and trusts us in this endeavor. That being said I believe it would be valuable if we did get some feedback on this issue from our members. In addition many other items were discussed as you can read in the meeting minutes published on the website.

We are planning a great upcoming season once this winter is behind us such as movie nights, pool events, and of course a highly attended spring cleanup. Yes lending a hand to prepare and maintain our facilities during the spring cleanup helps us save money.

One very important topic that I would like to bring up here, as we start to prepare for the summer season, is recruiting of life guards for the pool. We are hoping that Megan will accept the position of head life guard once again this summer season. However we would need at least 3 more life guards. So if you are interested or know anybody that is interested please let us know ASAP.

Lastly we are continuing our efforts to create a web presence for West Harbour. As always our website continues to grow with much relevant content and we are starting to get more comments. We have also registered with Google so relevant searches in the area will hopefully get you to our website. We are now also on Twitter so if you are interested you can follow at http://www.twitter.com/westharbour and finally there is a FaceBook group that is called “West Harbour of Noblesville” please feel free to join.