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May 3rd, Annual meeting and board election!

surf_board_meeting_card-p137694051110942242q0yk_400We are approaching the Annual WHPOA meeting on May 3rd. This meeting is when we the WHPOA board election takes place. This is an important event and we hope that there will be a good number of members that will meet up. As we mentioned previously all the board positions are open. There are some candidates that have shown interest to take over the board positions and we look forward to welcoming them once they get elected.

Also the May 3rd meeting will be a combined annual meeting (elections) and regular board meeting so here is the tentative agenda:

Annual meeting and board elections

  • Opening statements
  • WHPOA elections

Board meeting

  • Budget and financial status review
  • Update on pool renovation project
  • Update from Commons Director
    • Spring Clean-Up
    • Other
  • Pool Operation
    • Life guard recruitment
    • Pool opening
    • Pool party coordinator
  • Open discussion

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on May 3rd !

Get ready for West Harbour’s 2010 Spring Clean Up!

Saturday, May 1st, at 9:00 AM, will be our annual Spring Clean Up! Last year brought several neighbors together to help get our commons area spruced up and looking good! We would love to see this happen again this year! With your help, this can happen in a matter of a few hours on a Saturday morning!

This year, we would like to help beautify our entrances with some low maintenance perennials. If you are splitting any from your own garden and would like to donate to the neighborhood, that would be fantastic! We’re looking for plants like Black Eyed Susans, Tiger Lillies, as well as ground cover type plants like Phlox. These plants will bring color and beauty without having to water them morning, noon and night!

We will need to work on our typical clean up as well which includes trash pick up, weed pulling, spreading mulch, spraying Round Up in the parking lot etc. so please bring whatever gardening tools you have on hand and come on out and enjoy what we hope to be a beautiful, sunny, spring morning! As always, refreshments will be served as well as 10 free pool passes to each individual who comes out to help!!!!  See you there!

If you have any questions, please call our commons director, Joanna Post, at 776-7033.

Final estimates and options for bathroom renovation project

During the board meeting held yesterday we had TJ Keene review the proposal for renovating the pool bathrooms. First of all we would like to thank TJ for getting us this proposal. TJ has worked with multiple contractors to solicit bids and information about what our options are for this renovation. This was not a trivial task that required both expertise and time. We appreciate it, and extend our thanks on behalf of our members. TJ will continue to work with us on this project until it’s completion.

Most of the work to be done and adheres to the list of improvements that we prescribed. In summary the following improvements and work are part of the proposal:

  • Urinals and sinks are in good condition and will not be removed.
    • New faucets and hardware will be installed.
  • Old paint will be removed and a new coat of epoxy paint will be applied.
    • This includes sanding down the stall partitions and repainting them.
    • Re-fixing of any loose partitions and installation of new hardware (locks and latches).
  • All toilets in both restrooms will be replaced.
    • Women restroom will have ADA toilet (largest stall).
  • All sink faucets and water shut offs will be replaced.
  • All plumbing will be re-built, since the current plumbing defective and is not installed properly. All shower dials will be routed to tap from the main line.
    • Shower dials will be re-built; if that is not possible new dials will be installed where required.
  • New 75 gallon water heater will be purchased and installed.

This work has an estimated cost of $7,100.00, which is just under what we have budgeted for the project. Other optional items that are we currently believe can be done in subsequent years are installation of new bathroom partitions. This is estimated at $2,845.00. The current partitions when sanded and painted, as proposed above should be adequate for a while and therefore we will exclude this option.

The list above does not cover the renovation of the bathroom floors. In this case there are 2 options that we need to consider.

1)      Simple renovation that includes removing the old grip tape, cleaning the floors and installing new grip tape. This is budgeted at $400.00

2)      Install a new Q28 or Q11 Colorquartz epoxy floor. This requires removing old grip tape, concrete cleaned with special chemical. A special primer is applied after which the special material is applied. This flooring is commonly used in public pools and provides a non slip sanitary surface that obviously also looks very good. This is budgeted at $ 5,304.00

As you can see there is a substantial price difference between these 2 options and therefore we wanted to solicit feedback from the association’s members. We have the budget to get the Colorquartz floor if we so choose, by shifting some of our planned investments in 2010 as per our 3 year plan. We wanted to give everybody the information in good time in order to solicit opinions. We will be making the final decision about the project at the next board meeting, which will be held Monday March 1st, 2010. Please provide your feedback and opinions before that. You can do that by posting your comments or contacting any of the board members.

Agenda for Board Meeting Jan 25th, 2010

We have an upcoming board meeting on Monday 25th of January. We have some important agenda items to discuss, among others the need to find new board members for the upcoming year. We also plan to review quotes and proposals for the pool bathroom renovation project that will be presented by TJ Keene.

The meeting will be held at the Pizza King in Harbourtown Centre, Monday Jan 25th at 7:00 PM.

Here is the tentative agenda:

Pool bathroom renovation project

Another project that we have initiated is the renovation of the bathrooms in the pool house as mentioned in an earlier post. TJ Keene one of our members has stepped up and will be in charge of soliciting bids for the renovation as well as being the general contractor overseeing the work. The bid process is well under way and we expect to be reviewing bids shortly. Watch this space for more information about this project as we make progress. If you have any comments or would like to participate more actively please let us know.