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Meeting Minutes from September 8 WHPOA Meeting

Those present were:
Jason Voyak
Joanna Post
Jan Helms
Jeannie Snay
David Post
Erin Redding
BJ Young
Bruce Young

First was a review of the current budget. Things are looking good and right on budget.

2013 Pool Season a success — new basketball goal, chairs, fencing were great additions and appreciated by residents who visited the pool. We are currently taking bids from pool companies for the next pool season.

We are looking into more fencing around the basketball and tennis courts.

It appears that one of our new pines is in trouble and may be diseased and will either be replaced with another tree or possibly some sort of perennial.

We discussed the problem with the solar lights at each entrance. The installing company has already been notified and is correcting the problem.

We spoke of the school buses in the neighborhood and the speeding issues. Those seem to be resolved.

Notices are going to out to those residents who are not complying to the neighborhood bylaws.

We discussed ADA issues at the pool and poolhouse.

We spoke about the Summer Bash. Most felt it needs to be moved back to summer break. There is a possibility of a Fall event. We are waiting to hear from our Commons Director about this.

The Fall Garage Sale was brought up. It will be September 26,27,28 from 9-5. More advertising may be needed.

Submitted by: Joanna Post

8/12 Board Meeting Minutes

* We are on budget for everything …. events, expenses, improvements etc.
* Landscape plans for around the new signs are under way. We have Landscape Solutions working on designs that will give us low to NO maintainence as well as color year round. We are also looking into solar lighting for both signs. Completion of this will determined by the weather ….. at this point, we can’t plant anything.
* Tree Update — the dying/dead trees that line the pool and Little Chicago are still in the claim/investigation mode. These trees will be removed and replaced once the claim goes through. What type of trees and how many/size etc. will be determined once we know how much we will get from this claim.
* The tree that went swimming in our baby pool during a summer storm will be taken care of by the end of the summer and the fence will be repaired.
* There will be a fall garage sale Fri-Sat September 21st and 22nd. this year and will coinside with South Harbour again.
* Be looking for information on the Fall Smore’s Bonfire coming in October ….. fingers crossed the burn ban will be lifted at this point!!

In attendence:
Joanna Post
Jeannie Snay
Jan Helms
Jason Voyak
Shannon Bassett

Minutes from Annual Meeting, 5/7/2012

In attendance:
Joanna Post
Jason Voyak
Jeannie Snay
Jan Helms
Christine Earley
Shannon Bassett
Larry Hess
Harry Earley

We discussed the new entrance signs under construction. Everything is going according to plan. We have asked Landscape Solutions to draw up a landscape design for around the signs.

Spring clean up consisted of cleaning up around the pool area, splitting and moving plants, putting down mulch, getting rid of the poison ivy around the fence by the pool area, spraying the parking lot. Attendance was extremely low.

All the guards have been hired for the 2012 pool season. A new pool liason for this year has been established. It is Joanna Post.

New pool chairs were again discussed and a final decision will be made shortly so as to have the pool ready to go by opening day. Opening day is May 26th. Pool hours are 10 am-9 pm. A few other improvements, such as new umbrellas for the table and the guard chair are also in the budget.

3/14/2012 WHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for 3-14-2012
*We are on budget for this year….no changes
*The sign committee will meet one more time and decide on 2 designs that will be posted on the website for neighborhood comments. Final decision will be made by the committee by 3-21-2012.
*With the Spring clean up scheduled for May 5th, this is also the goal for the signs to be completed and installed.
*Sarah, Nick and Alex are the returning guards for this year. We are still accepting applications. It was discussed that there may be a “uniform” for the guards with possibility of a uniform allowance.
*The board is looking into replacing pool furniture (lounges, umbrellas, and mini lounge side tables). This is still in the works.
*The opening day for the pool is May 26th. The pool hours will begin 10am-9pm and are subject to change.
*Neighborhood dues payments continue to come in. 31 certified letters went out to those who have yet to contact the treasurer about payment.
*A resident letter of concern was read and discussed. The board is taking appropriate action.
*A resident email of concern about wires at the playground that were exposed. The board looked into this concern and found that the wires are capped and not of any danger.
*This past month, West Harbour has had 2 houses sell and one more pending!
Submitted by:
Joanna Post
WHPOA Secretary

9/19/2011 WHPOA Board Meeting Minutes

September 19, 2011
In attendance: Jan Helms (President), Jeanie Snay (Treasurer), Jason Voyak (Vice President), Joanna Post(Commons Director), Shannon Bassett (Secretary), Christine Earley (Resident), Rachel Purciful (Resident)

Budget review- We are under budget this year. Residents on pay plans continue to pay according totheir particular agreement. Those that have not paid will be sent to collections as all other avenues ofcollection have not been successful. We will be giving four of the lifeguards a small bonus for their grea twork this summer.

Commons- Pool is now closed for the season. Pool and pool house will be closed down and winterized at the end of the month. Fall garage sales will be Friday September 23rd and Saturday September 24th.

Entrance Signs- Sign committee members needed. Committee will meet and begin discussions aboutsign appearance, materials, and budget by November 1st. The goal is to have the signs completed by the Spring Cleanup in April.

The Secretary position will be open as of January 1st, 2012. If you are interested, please contact a boardmember.