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Attention – Theft has been reported.

If you have not noticed we have had a report from Ron Kincaid about the theft of a GPS from his car. Here is his message posted in the comments section.

ATTENTION all West Harbour homeowners! It appears that we have someone or some people breaking into cars again. At some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning someone broke into our car and stole a brand new GPS and several other items. Please make sure if your car sits outside you have it locked and if you see any unusual cars or people you contact the police. Apparently some people have no respect for others property.

Thanks Ron for alerting us, and as Ron mentions – please report all incidents or suspicions to the police. Let us all help in keeping our neighborhood safe and secure.  I hope that we get the person or persons responsible for these thefts to justice ASAP.

Vandalism – Help keep the rocks by the bridge!

It seems that someone is methodically throwing the rocks that where recently places to re-enforce the bridge foundation into the creek. I am not sure who this is but it looks like children playing and using the rocks to dam the creek. Although I can understand how exciting and fun such a game would be we have to understand we have spent about $1000 on the repair. Essentially whoever is doing this is throwing our money into the creek! Furthermore, damming up the creek worsens the erosion problems that we are having and making this even more worrisome. (Look at the pictures)


We need to figure out a way how to stop this from happening. I am assuming that this is not vandalism but rather kids playing build-your-own-dam. My suggestion would be to have the involved parties simply put the rocks back onto the bridge foundation – but that may be too much to hope for. In any case we need to raise awareness that if this does not stop we will have to spend more money. I would like to ask everybody to be aware and notify us if they see any of this happening or have information on this issue. It is also a good idea to explain this to our kids and have them help us in resolving the issue by either keeping a watchful eye or sharing information about what they might already know.

Please send me your input or comment on this post if you have any information or other ideas.

Monitoring of Speeding Vehicles

We have had a few posts now about the speeding problem on Buttonwood. There have been some good suggestion about how to tackle this problem and I am happy to let everybody know that because of initiative by Christine Early the Noblesville Police Department will address the speeding concerns, especially along Buttonwood Drive, by placing a Covert Speed Monitoring devices along specific streets within West Harbour; therefore, determining the validity of the problem.

I would like to thank Christine for taking this initiative and we hope that this is a good start toward resolution of this issue. It is also important that we get feedback from concerned owners about this so please post your comments on this post.

Additional info….

We have just received the results of the survey that was conducted by the Noblesville Police Department about the speeding on Buttonwood. Please take a look and comment. See the survey here

Pool, dues, and speeding on Buttonwood – Continued

It is quite obvious that the latest post regarding feedback from Steve, one of our property owners has caused some stir. I elected to write a new post to increase visibility so some of the important content does not get buried in the comments.

First I would like to commend Steve for expressing his opinion and bringing up 2 issues that, I am sure, are on everybody’s minds. Regardless of the manner in which they were presented, speeding on Buttonwood and other streets in our neighborhood has been an issue for a long time. I am relatively new to the neighborhood but I have heard from the “old timers” that this has always been an issue. As I mentioned previously the streets are managed and policed by the City of Noblesville and a suggestion was made to contact the Police Department about this. I would like to get some more opinions on this topic and also see if we can get some feedback from the owners that work for the police department. If there is a good sentiment about this we can maybe lobby the Noblesville Police Department to do something to mitigate this?

The next topic is the pool. We have mostly received positive feedback about the pool, both about its operation and the mere fact that we are using our funds to maintain it – and obviously the fact that we have one. However we have heard a few opinions to the contrary. Therefore this is an opportunity to express your opinions about the topic.

Please post your comments and remarks to this thread, we really would like to hear from you. If you are having difficulty just send it as email to president@westharbour.org.

Dog problems

There has been reports of dog problems around south end of Wintergreen Drive. These have included children that have been bitten and harassed by dogs that apparently have run out of the fenced backyard. It seems that this is a recurring problem that has persisted for quite a while. Since I do not have intimate knowledge of the circumstances I think that it would be a good idea for member that have experienced this problem to post this information as comments to this post.

It is important for us all to ensure that our pets are not a threat to others, a nuisance to the neighbors, and an embarrassment to our community. I suggest that we take a harsh line in such cases and simply call the Sherrif’s office animal control department (317-773-1300) to immediately take care of the problem when it occurs. Please use the guidance below taken from  Animal Control Ordinance

AT LARGE: Any animal off the premises of the person owning, keeping or harboring such animal and while off such premises, not under control of such person or person’s family member either by leash, cord, chain or other physical restraint.

PUBLIC NUISANCE: Any animal which:

(1) Interferes with passersby or passing vehicles;

(2) Attacks other animals or persons;

(3) Trespasses on school grounds or other public property;

(4) Is at large or unrestrained;

(5) Damages private or public property;

(6) Barks, whines, howls or makes other sounds common to its species in excess or

(7) Is offensive or dangerous to public health, safety or welfare by virtue of the number and/or types of animals maintained.

PUBLIC NUISANCE ANIMALS: No person shall own or harbor a public nuisance as defined in this Section.

NOISY DOGS: No person shall allow the continuous barking, yelping, whining or howling of a dog. The humane officer may take steps immediately to correct the situation and cause the noise to be abated, either through issuance of a citation, or impounding the animal if no owner or agent can be found at the time of disturbance.