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May 3rd, Annual meeting and board election!

surf_board_meeting_card-p137694051110942242q0yk_400We are approaching the Annual WHPOA meeting on May 3rd. This meeting is when we the WHPOA board election takes place. This is an important event and we hope that there will be a good number of members that will meet up. As we mentioned previously all the board positions are open. There are some candidates that have shown interest to take over the board positions and we look forward to welcoming them once they get elected.

Also the May 3rd meeting will be a combined annual meeting (elections) and regular board meeting so here is the tentative agenda:

Annual meeting and board elections

  • Opening statements
  • WHPOA elections

Board meeting

  • Budget and financial status review
  • Update on pool renovation project
  • Update from Commons Director
    • Spring Clean-Up
    • Other
  • Pool Operation
    • Life guard recruitment
    • Pool opening
    • Pool party coordinator
  • Open discussion

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible on May 3rd !

Attention – Theft has been reported.

If you have not noticed we have had a report from Ron Kincaid about the theft of a GPS from his car. Here is his message posted in the comments section.

ATTENTION all West Harbour homeowners! It appears that we have someone or some people breaking into cars again. At some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning someone broke into our car and stole a brand new GPS and several other items. Please make sure if your car sits outside you have it locked and if you see any unusual cars or people you contact the police. Apparently some people have no respect for others property.

Thanks Ron for alerting us, and as Ron mentions – please report all incidents or suspicions to the police. Let us all help in keeping our neighborhood safe and secure.  I hope that we get the person or persons responsible for these thefts to justice ASAP.

New WHPOA Board Needed!

Although it seems that we are the deep of winter, we are nearing the end of February and before we know it spring will be here with all the great activities that we have here in West Harbour. Easter egg hunt, Spring garage sales, and the ever so popular Spring clean-up 🙂 .

In order for these activities and to continue to have a well functioning owners association it is imperative that we find some people that are willing to run for the currently open board positions. As we mentioned previously all the board positions are open. Some of us simply are busy with other things and would like to let other members have a turn at running the association and others, like me, are simply in the process of relocating. The sum of it is that if there are no members that are willing to take over these activities they may not happen and even more critical the pool opening and operation may be very difficult to accomplish.

So please let us put our heads together and make sure that we can recruit some of our members to take over the board positions. The health and operation of our community is at risk. Is that not important for everybody?

Please help us find our next WHPOA board members! Also, do not forget to look at the calendar and participate in our upcoming board meetings.

Reminder about WHPOA online resources

As you all may know we are continuing our efforts to enhance the usage of our online resources. As mentioned in earlier posts we our website continues to grow with much relevant content and we are starting to get more comments.

We have a registration with Google so relevant searches in the area will hopefully get you to our website.It is also a good idea to write a review on our Google registration.

We are also on Twitter so if you are interested you can follow at http://www.twitter.com/westharbour

There is a FaceBook group that is called “West Harbour of Noblesville” please feel free to join. In fact I have used this group to list the current home for sale in West Harbour, take a look!

Parking of Recreational Vehicles

We have received a complaint about property owners parking their recreational vehicles in their driveway. As you all may know we have Declaration of Restrictions for West Harbour prohibits overnight parking of camping trailers on lots. Ultimately this rule was put in place in order ensure our neighborhood’s appeal and assure our property values. That being said we also have to recognize the fact that people in our neighborhood do use recreational vehicles. I am sure we all have probably enjoyed them at some point? These vehicles are hard to maneuver and sometimes it is most practical to keep them close to home. Especially when embarking on a vacation or performing maintenance. Arguably it says something about our neighborhood that we allow such flexibility. We just need to make sure that it all is within reason. We certainly don’t want this to become an RV park and I do not believe that is even remotely the case.

If you have any concerns or comments please feel free to post it here or send me an email. It would even be better if you approach the property owner with the vehicle and discuss the issue with them. The 2 property owners involved were very accommodating and are certainly exemplary in their contribution and involvement to our community.