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Neighborhood Safety

There have been some thefts in the neighborhood already this summer. A few bikes were stolen out of someone’s garage and an Indy 500 flag was stolen off the front of someone’s home. Please continue to keep your cars locked, garage doors down and an eye out for any inappropriate behavior during these summer months. Let’s do our part to keep our neighborhood safe!

Attention – Theft has been reported.

If you have not noticed we have had a report from Ron Kincaid about the theft of a GPS from his car. Here is his message posted in the comments section.

ATTENTION all West Harbour homeowners! It appears that we have someone or some people breaking into cars again. At some point between Saturday night and Sunday morning someone broke into our car and stole a brand new GPS and several other items. Please make sure if your car sits outside you have it locked and if you see any unusual cars or people you contact the police. Apparently some people have no respect for others property.

Thanks Ron for alerting us, and as Ron mentions Рplease report all incidents or suspicions to the police. Let us all help in keeping our neighborhood safe and secure.  I hope that we get the person or persons responsible for these thefts to justice ASAP.