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Continued Vandalism

It has been brought to our attention that more acts of vandalism have occurred within our neighborhood. Today, our pool company representative drove by and noticed that there is a hole in our NEW pool cover. These sorts of acts of vandalism are quite costly to our neighborhood and could, at some point, be reflected in an increase in our dues in order to pay for all of this. We strongly encourage you to keep an eye out for things happening around your home and in the neighborhood. Be aware of who may be out in the streets after dark. The board is in communication with each other to try and come up with ideas to curb this ridiculous behavior.
Again, if you have any information about these acts, please notify the board.

Notice: Vandalism / Temporary Mailing Address

The board is asking for your help. There has been some damage to our common areas over the last 2 weeks — our picnic tables at the playground were completely destroyed a week or so ago and now, this past weekend, our neighborhood association mailbox was destroyed. These are adding up to be costly repairs, not to mention, this is completely unacceptable behavior. We would appreciate all residents keeping a close eye out for your own property as well as the common areas that surround you. If you have seen any of this destruction, please let the board know! ¬†Also, please note that any mailings to our 219 Wintergreen mailbox will temporarily be 432 Hemlock Court until we can get it replaced. Thank you for your help in this matter!

Vandalism – Help keep the rocks by the bridge!

It seems that someone is methodically throwing the rocks that where recently places to re-enforce the bridge foundation into the creek. I am not sure who this is but it looks like children playing and using the rocks to dam the creek. Although I can understand how exciting and fun such a game would be we have to understand we have spent about $1000 on the repair. Essentially whoever is doing this is throwing our money into the creek! Furthermore, damming up the creek worsens the erosion problems that we are having and making this even more worrisome. (Look at the pictures)


We need to figure out a way how to stop this from happening. I am assuming that this is not vandalism but rather kids playing build-your-own-dam. My suggestion would be to have the involved parties simply put the rocks back onto the bridge foundation – but that may be too much to hope for. In any case we need to raise awareness that if this does not stop we will have to spend more money. I would like to ask everybody to be aware and notify us if they see any of this happening or have information on this issue. It is also a good idea to explain this to our kids and have them help us in resolving the issue by either keeping a watchful eye or sharing information about what they might already know.

Please send me your input or comment on this post if you have any information or other ideas.